Cash-O-Matic is one of those games that are so far out dated as to actually seem quite futuristic. While playing the game you will notice that it is a game that has been designed around an actual casino game with slot type reels instead of random casino action. This makes Cash-O-Matic a unique game to play, but what makes it so fun is that like all good things in life there is a reason it is still popular today.

The name Cash-O-Matic is taken from the actual act of playing the game, and the spinning wheel used to determine payouts. It also comes with a very strange music that runs in the background during the actual game. It also comes complete with an extremely elaborate art design that in all honesty does not really look all that exciting at all. But this is what makes the Cash-O-Matic game so unique and interesting; it’s clean, simple, and basic graphics have a nice creative spin to them. Overall the graphics and design are very nice.

When playing with cash-o-matic the best way to make sure you are winning is to always try to get as many free spins as possible. Getting two free spins per game is the recommended way to play. If you get five or more free spins per game then you are going to be very successful. This is the only way you are going to guarantee yourself a win because the chances of getting a hit are pretty low. Also remember that in order to get as many free spins as possible you need to make sure your system is setup so that when you hit a paying slot it will have a maximum of five paying slots.

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