Jack hammer 2


Jack Hammer: The World is a new online casino game based on the hit TV show of the same name. Featuring the breakout lead character of Jack Hammer from the hit television show Jackhammer, players are thrown into the Jack Hammer universe and are challenged to defeat a massive slot machine full of top notch Jack Hammer props. Players will face a range of challenges such as the “Big Jack”, “Jacksaw” and many other characters that will try to stop players from winning. Jack Hammer must defend his casino, fights off against the evil Dr. Darkkanel and protect the mystical artifacts he has collected throughout the game. Players are provided with an excellent range of Jack Hammer props to play with which include:

Players can switch between the comic book and the slot machines depending on their mood or if they need a break. Players will enjoy the benefits of playing the slot machines while having fun reading the comic books or watching the television show. The Jack Hammer 2: The World Is In Need Of Us expansion pack further expands on the Jack Hammer experience by providing Jack Hammer 2: The World is In Need Of Us expansion pack including two brand new Jack Hammer movies, the “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” movie and the “Jack and Jill” film. Players will not be disappointed by either one of these additions to the Jack Hammer experience as it is one of the best slots games you can play on Facebook.

Jack Hammer is a character that originated in the late 1980s cartoon show that was popular among Americans. Jack Hammer was shown as a character that made fun of various things ranging from big blue marble, to giraffes and unicorns. Based on this silly yet amusing persona, players find Jack Hammer slots with a great payout potential and a large variety of exciting reels. With a large variety of characters to choose from, Jack Hammer slot machine is one of the best options to play at Facebook with your friends and loved ones.

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